ME60BT Bluetooth wireless marine grade amplifier with waterproof control pad

Product #: ME60BT

The ME60BT is a four channel, 120 Watts RMS Bluetooth wireless audio amplifier capable of delivering up to 30W RMS per channel. It has a compact, water resistant design that allows for flexible mounting possibilities. The control keypad is designed to withstand installation in the gas zone of a portable spa and is equally suited for use in a marine environment

The unit accepts either audio streamed via Bluetooth connection or hard wired input via RCA input. The waterproof control pad is easily mounted as the body of the keypad is threaded and the large mounting nut is tightened against the back side of the mounting surface.


Keypad Controls:
• Power - on/off
• Input mode – Bluetooth or direct
• Play/pause – available in Bluetooth mode
• Track forward/repeat – available in Bluetooth mode
• Volume up/down – available in both Bluetooth and direct mode


• To add up to four loudspeakers or two popup speakers and a subwoofer to a portable spa
• As a stand-alone system amplifier for any audio source - ideal for small watercraft/ATV’s/golf carts

Push Down

Powers up to (8) 4ohm speakers
Internal distortion limiting circuits
Dedicated Subwoofer gain level control
External waterproof control pad included
Water resistant design for spa or marine use
Rear channels switchable from full range to powered sub out.


Speaker Impedance-- - 2-8 ohm
Output Power- -
(2 ohm load) 30 Watts RMS per Channel (70W Peak)
(4 ohm load) 20 Watts RMS per Channel (50W Peak)
Frequency Response- - 20Hz-40kHz
Low Pass Crossover- - 18 - 245 Hz
Operating Voltage- - 13.8V DC (10V-16V)
Maximum Current Draw (full power)- - 5-8 amps
Amp Dimensions (approx. l x w xh)- -
- 214mm x 106mm x 35mm 8.4” x 4.2” x 1.4”
Installation Clearance--------- 250mm free space top/sides
Weight- - .68Kg /1.5lbs
Control pad Cable Length- - 610 cm/240 inches/20 feetNEW


ACX11 - USB/AUX Accessory Extension Cable

Product #: ACX11

The ACX11 is a USB/AUX accessory input extension cable.  ACX11 provides easy access to your accessory inputs.  It features a waterproof panel/dash mount with rubber cover and 6.5 foot cab

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